Update: A Brand New Look for 2018

Update: A Brand New Look for 2018

It’s a bit different around here from our last layout, right?

I decided to go with this layout because it has a better reviewing system. Not only does it allow me to review properly, but you can too, if you wanted. And I think it’s great that this theme offers interaction with my viewers.

I can also do a lot more with the posts regarding certain topics, like game guides and all that.

As of posting this, you’re looking at a somewhat rough draft of things. There are posts and pages that need kinks worked out of them, so I apologize for that, but I wanted to get the site back up for everyone.


What’s New?

On the game review pages, you’ll notice everything looks a bit more spiffier.

  • I can now place different tabs on the page for you to access, instead of everything on one entire page.
    • These tabs will include the review, news regarding the game, and walkthroughs.
  • You can comment your own review of the game, if you’ve played it, as well as rate the game yourself!
  • Pros and cons are listed at the bottom of reviews for a tl;dr option.

In-Depth guides on World of Warcraft zones will be easier to maintain, though you won’t notice at the moment, because none of them have been updated for the theme we’re now using.

  • There will be tabs to click on for easier access on what you’re looking for.
    • These tabs include quests, battle pets, material farming, and goldmaking.
  • No ‘site review’ will be posted for these pages, but user reviews might be available to show me how well the guides are doing from your input.

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