About TheWoWExp

Just a little slice of the WoW life.

So you want to know a little more about TheWoWExp, eh? And I don’t mean the website, because the name does pertain to who I am.

Most people (online) call me WoW.

I’m thirty years old, born in January. And if you know your zodiac, you might figure me to be an Aquarius. It matches my attitude, because I can be a bit obnoxious and sarcastic, but I’m quite the friendly person!

People just happen to aggravate my soul sometimes.

I’ve worked as a freelance artist, did my time at a pet store, worked in a newspaper factory, and now work on an assembly line at a car part factory.

Feel free to contact me regarding any issue with the site.

Every artist is asked the question, “When did you learn to start drawing?”

I can’t say when I first learned to draw, or was interested. If I dared to guess, I’d say a very young age, because my dad used to paint landscapes before he had kids.

Unlike my dad, I never learned to like actual painting. I tried it once–I’d created a small landscape image–then gave it to one of my teachers at the time. (Yeah, yeah, teacher’s pet.)

So I started drawing on paper at first, but then I moved to graphical arts at some point. I became a freelance artist around the age of 15 for different online pet sites.

Not Neopets, but I always did think they needed to update their style.

Anyway, I ventured out of the pet site industry and started just drawing randomly, and then switched to traditional art.

I was always afraid of venturing into traditional art territory. Mainly because I used Photoshop 7 for so long (and even taught myself all of what I do on the program), that I knew if I messed up on a piece of paper, I couldn’t exactly press a ‘back’ button and reverse the error.

But I learned to work with Prismacolor pencils and enjoyed it thoroughly. I even dabbled a bit into graphite pencil drawings, but not too much.

Check out my Instagram for some of my artwork.

I’ve always loved gaming, since I got my first game to play. Don’t ask me what that was, because hell if I know.

Whenever my family and I went on vacation, I’d have a handheld game with me. The ones I remember are Wheel of Fortune and Yahtzee.

I know there were a couple other though. In fact, I still have them.

As for consoles, the first one I started playing on was the SNES. I played the shit out of Mario, as well as Duck Hunt, but I spent more time trying to shoot that asshole dog than any of the stupid birds.

Speaking of stupid birds, I do recall one game where birds were pooping overhead and you had to dodge it all or die. Thinking back, I found that really weird, because the game was a religious one–something about Moses, maybe?

Bah, I can’t remember.


I got started into the actual gaming industry of streaming, making reviews, and game guides a bit late in life, I’ll admit. It sort of saddens me, but I’ve always had big dreams of my two other talents as well, so it’s never a huge loss to get started late on something you love.

So now I stream my games over on Twitch, and make let’s plays on my YouTube channel, and write written guides on this website.

I hope it’s all to your liking.

“How long have you been writing?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Not really, because answers are difficult when thinking is involved.

So let’s just started with the writing seriously, because again, I used to write a lot of random things in journals, and I still have them laying around my room somewhere. I could barely read my child-like writing. Most people can’t read my writing now because it’s so small.

But at least it’s neatly written.

I met a friend in 11th grade, I believe? She wrote a lot of fanfiction, mainly yaoi. I thought it was really interesting, and so it made me get into writing. I started writing a book about a bunch of magical creatures, but that got nowhere fast. I still have the partial draft.

I ended up writing some short stories, and even got a couple published in online literary magazines. Those sites have come down since then, unfortunately.

I started seriously writing a book, in order for it to get published, and after a few years of writing it, I stopped. It’s got a book cover and everything. But I lost motivation at some point.

If you’re interested, here’s the synopsis:

Thrown in a mental ward after a bar fight, and haunted by visions of his deceased, violent father, Rick Balder is hell-bent on finding a way to escape, to satisfy his desire for revenge, and to start a new life with his daughter. But there are people standing in his way, people with strange powers. Their offer stands: become one with the paranormal world, or die and never see his daughter again.

Maybe one day I’ll pick it back up.

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