A Zone Overview of Abyssal Depths

A Zone Overview of Abyssal Depths
A Zone Overview of Abyssal Depths

This guide features (most) of everything to do with the zone of Abyssal Depths. Not everyone enjoys the water zones, and there's not much to do here, but the gathering is good.

Some of the links will take you to certain WoWHead pages, to better help you out with finding either NPCs or learning more about quests. Other links that don't have mouseover information might take you to my freebie posts that provide information on specific reagents, such as where to get them and what they're used for.

Thanks for taking the time to view TheWoWExp’s zone overview of Abyssal Depths.

This zone is updated as of 8.1.


These are the chests I’ve found during my travels of this zone. The links will take you to the corresponding page with the information I got from the chests.


I’d originally split this route into one Mining and one Herbalism, as well as this combination, but, the routes are pretty close to the same. Still, both single routes net you more herbs or ore, whichever you’re following, and they can be had in my WoW farming routes over on my alternate website.

Timed: 30:00
Class: Druid

  • Azshara’s Veil – 146
  • Hessonite – 1
  • Jasper – 1
  • Lifegiving Seed – 10
  • Nightstone – 1
  • Obsidium Ore – 214
  • Stormvine – 179
  • Volatile Earth – 11
  • Volatile Life – 114


There’s no specific route to take for fishing in this zone, and I didn’t find any suitable place to stand above water, therefore I had to dive down and find another spot.

Coordinates: 51,62
Timed: 30:00
No fishing rod

The location in which I fished in was located inside an underwater cave. I had to find a correct area to stand, because for some reason it kept telling me my cast didn’t land in fishable water or something.

Another weird thing is that I could face land and actually fish. Obviously something’s screwed up around here.

  • Murglesnout – 92
  • Algaefin Rockfish – 12


  • Ghostcrawler
    • Was the leads system designer for WoW
    • Can be tamed