A Zone Overview of Ashenvale

A Zone Overview of Ashenvale
A Zone Overview of Ashenvale

Thanks for taking the time to view TheWoWExp’s zone overview of Ashenvale.

This zone is updated as of 8.1.


These are the chests I’ve found during my travels of this zone. The links will take you to the corresponding page with the information I got from the chests.

Battle Pets [4-6]

Frog Caught in the wild Rare
Toad Caught in the wild Rare
Maggot Caught in the wild Rare
Rat Caught in the wild Rare
Roach Caught in the wild Rare
Rusty Snail Caught in the wild Rare
Squirrel Caught in the wild Rare
Forest Moth Caught in the wild Rare


There weren’t enough herbs in Ashenvale to actually create a good enough route on its own to acquire a good chunk of them. There are also a variety of herbs, so you can’t really focus on one you might want or need. That’s not to say you can’t acquire a lot of herbs from here by questing and such, it’s just not a good acquirement as other zones.

Typically, I create herb/mining duo routes for some zones to bunch them together, but most of them can only be seen by purchasing my routes via TGEXP.


Worst part about this zone? The trees. Best part about this zone? The amount of Tin Ore acquired. You’ll have less competition here because it’s not much of an open area as Hillsbrad is.

Timed: 30:00
Class: Druid


Be careful when following the fishing route, as some of the spots to fish come close to the opposing faction–specifically if you’re horde. Also, if you like opening trunks, then you’ll like fishing in these schools.

Full route
No fishing rod

  • Firefin Snapper – 5
  • Iron Bound Trunk – 7
  • Oily Blackmouth – 31
  • Raw Sagefish – 134
  • Rumsey Rum Dark – 11
  • Stranglekelp – 30
  • Watertight Trunk – 23


Not enough information has been gathered.


Spider Farming

This is a pretty short and simple route to take when it comes down to it. You don’t have much trees in the way, which is one of the reasons this is my favorite route to farm spiders. Also, not many people come here–most flock to Duskwood where they know a lot of the spiders reside. You’ll be hunting mainly for Spider’s Silk here, as well as some spider cooking supplies.

I use the following macro, although if you’re on a different class, you’ll need to substitute the moonfire spell for another.

/tar Venom We
/tar Black Wi
/tar Leech St
/tar Cave St
/tar Domesticated
/tar Wildthorn St
/cast moonfire

Timed: 30:00
Class: Druid

  • Small Spider Leg – 80
  • Crunchy Spider Leg – 73
  • Gooey Spider Leg – 79
  • Large Venom Sac – 8
  • Spider’s Silk – 15


The vendors below are only ones that sell inventory of a rare supply. Mainly items on a timer. In no way does this show all the vendors of Ashenvale, nor all the items that these vendors sell. Trust me, there are more out there. Also, I chose to add in some non-rare recipes.

Bhaldaran Ravenshade
Dense Shortbow
Dagrun Ragehammer
Heavy Spiked Mace Ironwood Maul
Design: Wicked Moonstone Ring Formula: Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength Formula: Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility
Pattern: Barbaric Leggings
Aquadynamic Fish Attractor Recipe: Mithril Head Trout Recipe: Rockscale Cod
Strong Fishing Pole