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In-Depth Inscription Guide for World of Warcraft

This page is one big massive work in progress. Here comes the Inscription project, where I bring you all the supplies that are needed to craft items, as well as all the items that you could be crafting. This'll be a doozy.

In-Depth Jewelcrafting Guide for World of Warcraft

This page is a work in progress. What you'll find here is a load of information regarding the Jewelcrafting profession. Most of the links will take you to WoWHead pages, but other links (such as the mats) will guide you to my freebie pages on them. I tried to sort everything the best I could. Hopefully it suits everyone's purpose.

In-Depth Herbalism Guide for World of Warcraft

This page is a work in progress. This pages features basically everything that the Mining guide features. All the herbs per expansion and where to find them, along with maps for the locations and possible YouTube videos.


A Zone Overview of Westfall

Once a proud land of farmers and herders, Westfall now lies fallow for the most part because of the thieves who have usurped it. Weeds and seedling trees mark the rich land, and the wind cries over the fields. Thieves and bandits are the greatest problems here, but gnolls and the slouching harvest golems also terrorize the already harried farmers. Most of Westfall is choked by the Defias Brotherho...[Read More]

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