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    ✩ Best Places to Farm Coarse S...

    19 May 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Coarse Stone is found from mining Tin Ore nodes. They're useful for leveling up a profession in mainly Blacksmithing, but can also be an asset to Engineers. I don't expect them to ever be high sellers, but they may sell quickly, even if not for as much as other items. Read more

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    ✩ Best Places to Farm Heavy St...

    9 May 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Heavy Stone is another item you'll be getting from mining Iron Ore. While stone doesn't normally sell for as much as the ore does, it has its uses and can sell to those working on one of their crafting professions. Read more

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    ✩ Best Methods to Gather Lesse...

    8 May 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Lesser Moonstone can be obtained from either prospecting Tin Ore or Iron Ore. Either way, you'll be competing with obtaining it over multiple other gems as well. Good news is, also either way, you're still going to net a decent amount of these, given you have a lot of either ore. Read more

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    ✩ Best Places to Farm Rough St...

    2 May 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Rough Stone can be found while mining Copper Ore, and...well, it's certainly not the best item in the game for selling or making some nice items that people may want. It's more of fodder for leveling an alternate profession. Read more

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    ✩ Best Places to Farm Kyparite...

    30 November 2016 , by TheWoWExp

    Kyparite is not something that I ever planned to farm up for selling purposes. I don’t think I ever really knew what Kyparite was even used for, or if it was worth farming. More specifically…I never farmed the zones that this ore spawns in. So doing these farming guides is a refresher course for me. It allows me to find things... Read more

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    ✩ Best Methods to Gather Tiger...

    10 November 2016 , by TheWoWExp

    Tigerseye is one of the first gems you'll gather, and seeing as it's an easier find when prospecting Copper Ore, there's a greater chance it'll be cheap on the auction house. Read more

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