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    ✩ Lower Blackrock Spires Goldm...

    14 May 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Lower Blackrock Spires is kind of a long instance and has a lot of mobs on the inside. A lot of said mobs can be skinned, but setting that aside, a lot of the mobs can have some good drops. Some of the annoying drops are the pets (from bosses). Read more

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    ✩ Shadowfang Keep Goldmaking a...

    23 March 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Shadowfang Keep is located in Silverpine Forest, just a zone away from Undercity. While it is in Horde territory, you won't need to worry about bypassing any kind of guards to get there. Just stroll right in and wreak havoc. Read more

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    ✩ Ragefire Chasm Goldmaking as...

    22 March 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Ragefire Chasm is in the Horde's major city of Orgrimmar. It can be pretty difficult or easy to get to if you're Alliance. You'd need to know how to get into the Cleft of Shadow pronto, and if you know the openings to that inner cave, then no problem. Read more

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    Scarlet Halls Goldmaking as of...

    17 August 2016 , by TheWoWExp

    Scarlet Halls is in the Horde starting zone of Tirisfal Glades. It’s one of the instances in the Scarlet Monastery, which is nice, because you can decide between different instances to do your goldmaking. This isn’t a how-to guide. This is a what-I-got post. So what’ll you find here? Goldmaking via different categories How many ru... Read more

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