✩ Best Fishing Spots for Darkclaw Lobster as of 7.3 ✩

Darkclaw Lobster can only be fished in the open sea of a couple different zones. Its primary use is to help you in the line of cooking. Lobsters can’t be fished in schools; as such, I’ll only provide the coordinates of where I fished, instead of giving the full map. You can fish this lobster up anywhere along the shoreline of the given zones, however. ★ Profession Required: Fishi...[Read More]

✩ Best Fishing Spots for Giant Mantis Shrimp as of 7.3 ✩

Giant Mantis Shrimp can be fished from Giant Mantis Shrimp Swarm. It’s primarily used in cooking, especially with the Way of the Steamer, which increases versatility. There’s only one zone that’s good for fishing these shrimp up from the schools, which kind of puts a damper on farming in different locations, but you might still find some in other zones, as well as open water...[Read More]

✩ Best Fishing Spots for Iron Bound Trunk as of 7.2 ✩

Iron Bound Trunk is a chest that you can fish up from Waterlogged Wreckages, but also some other schools that cater more toward specific fish. You can't sell the trunks specifically, but you can sell the contents inside them.

✩ Best Fishing Spots for Mithril Bound Trunk as of 7.2 ✩

Mithril Bound Trunk is primarily going to be found in Floating Wreckages, though they can also be found in a Stonescale Eel Swarm. You can't sell the trunks specifically, but you can sell what's inside of them.

✩ Best Fishing Spots for Oily Blackmouth as of 7.2 ✩

Oily Blackmouth is used for crafting a reagent used via Alchemy. Some of those crafted materials are still used, so this fish can still net you a decent amount of gold. And if not decent, then at least it's known for selling.

✩ Best Fishing Spots for Raw Loch Frenzy as of 7.2 ✩

Raw Loch Frenzy can only be found in open water within the alliance zone of Loch Modan. As such, there's really only one lake to fish in, just watch out for the Modan Monster. He can be a challenge for low levels.

Best Fishing Spots for Darkmoon Daggermaw as of 8.0

Before I began fishing more than I used to, I didn't think much of fishing around the Darkmoon Faire. I figured that place was all about the carnival rides and games and ticket collections.

Best Fishing Spots for Firefin Snapper as of 7.3

Firefin Snapper is a bit odd in the fact that it doesn't actually help you out in cooking, but in alchemy instead. They can also be found not only in the schools dedicated to them, but also the mixed ocean school as well.

Best Fishing Spots for Stonescale Eel as of 8.0

Stonescale Eels are used for making an Alchemy reagent. Certainly not as useful as the fish you may be looking for now, but they still have their place.