Best Places to Farm Briarthorn as of 7.1

Briarthorn is one of the herbs that used to be a pain to get, if I remember correctly. I always used to farm it in The Barrens, and anyone that knows how The Barrens trade chat can be, knows how distracting it is to get a single thing such as this herb. Plus they were spaced out. But times change. Now days, this herb is much easier to obtain, though I only take one route to obtain this herb. If I ...[Read More]

Best Places to Farm Peacebloom as of 7.3

Peacebloom is one of the first herbs you can gather with the Herbalism profession. I remember the one reason I began farming herbs was because I was interested in making the variety of glyphs for my characters. There were so many of them!

Best Places to Farm Mageroyal as of 7.3

Looking for some of the best zones to farm Mageroyal? There's really only two that are your best bet, so check inside and see the stats.