Best Places to Farm Rough Stone as of 8.0

Rough Stone can be found while mining Copper Ore, and...well, it's certainly not the best item in the game for selling or making some nice items that people may want. It's more of fodder for leveling an alternate profession.

Best Places to Farm Saronite Ore as of 8.0

Saronite Ore is abundant in numerous zones. It's hard to choose a favorite zone, because it all comes down to competition.

Best Places to Farm Thorium Ore as of 8.0

Thorium Ore was my favorite ore to mine in the WotLK era. Back when I was in my friends' guild, Politically Incorrect, me and a fellow miner would always be going at it with mining ore.

Best Places to Farm Tin Ore as of 8.0

Looking to farm some Tin Ore in order to help out your Mining skills? Or maybe create items from other professions? Look no further than this post!

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