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    Human Warlock of Proudmoore: L...

    3 September 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    I’m an altoholic. As such, I’ve gone and made a new toon on a new realm, but what I enjoy most about creating and having a new toon isn’t the dungeons or the quests, but rather the amount of gold I can get from random materials and equipment of the world. So here’s to the first of this kind of... Read more

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    ✩ Best Fishing Spots for Darkm...

    28 July 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Before I began fishing more than I used to, I didn't think much of fishing around the Darkmoon Faire. I figured that place was all about the carnival rides and games and ticket collections. Read more

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    ✩ Sturdy Treasure Chest and Th...

    14 July 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Depending on the zone you find them in, you'll either acquire rare items, uncommon items, or even common items--equipment and potions alike. Don't scratch them off your list just yet; they could be worth something on the AH depending on your realm. Read more

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    ✩ Silken Treasure Chest and Th...

    7 July 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    A variety of zones have them stashed in hiding, but not lower level areas where you'd get uncommon or white equipment. You might be able to find potions inside of these, though, and they may be beneficial, or sell for a decent chunk on the AH. Read more

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    ✩ Lower Blackrock Spires Goldm...

    14 May 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Lower Blackrock Spires is kind of a long instance and has a lot of mobs on the inside. A lot of said mobs can be skinned, but setting that aside, a lot of the mobs can have some good drops. Some of the annoying drops are the pets (from bosses). Read more

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    ✩ Best Methods to Gather Lesse...

    8 May 2017 , by TheWoWExp

    Lesser Moonstone can be obtained from either prospecting Tin Ore or Iron Ore. Either way, you'll be competing with obtaining it over multiple other gems as well. Good news is, also either way, you're still going to net a decent amount of these, given you have a lot of either ore. Read more

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