Best Places to Farm Dark Iron Ore as of 8.0

Best Places to Farm Dark Iron Ore as of 8.0

The time has come.

I’ve got several websites I take care of, and it’s getting harder to pay for all of them, on top of everything else I have to pay for. With that being said, this is not a good-bye to all of you; it’s merely a good-bye to

It’ll always be my title, no matter what, but it’s time for a merge.

I already own two gaming websites, and there’s no need for that. So thewowexp’s posts will be merging onto my other website, The Gaming Experience (or TGEXP for short). I create game reviews and guides, so it’s still basically the same thing, just not a specific niche, which is what thewowexp was.

I don’t know when everything will migrate. Just know that it will happen soon.

Sorry everyone, but bills have to be paid, and money has to be saved.

Dark Iron Ore has never been mined by me. I knew of its existence, but I never sought it out. This is because of two reasons.

  • One: It’s found in dungeon/raid environments, in which case I go through them too fast to bother with mining anything.
  • Two: I don’t raid, and I’ve never really ran old-school raids.

So here’s to farming an old-school raid!

★ Profession Required: Mining
★ Best Serves: Mining

  • This ore was mined inside of a raid area, so no time limit was used.
  • ► Blackrock Depths
  • ► You have a chance of gathering Black Diamond, Black Vitriol, and Blood of the Mountain.
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 .. Eastern Kingdoms .. ✩

Molten Core

As long as you don’t kill any bosses, you’ll be able to reset the raid and keep farming for the ore. The layout is pretty easy, some twists and turns, and there are times when mobs are dense, but not often. Just sneak around them if you can. Your best bet are stealth classes if you’re lower level. But aside from that, things should be fine for you.

  • ♦ Dark Iron Ore – 53
Dark Iron Bar
Used by Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Engineering.
  • (8) Dark Iron Ore

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