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Darkclaw Lobster can only be fished in the open sea of a couple different zones. Its primary use is to help you in the line of cooking.

Lobsters can’t be fished in schools; as such, I’ll only provide the coordinates of where I fished, instead of giving the full map. You can fish this lobster up anywhere along the shoreline of the given zones, however.

Patreon supporters get the full benefit of my In-Depth Fishing Guide. It provides 30-minute locations to zones to which this fish can be found, not mentioned on this page. There will also be pictures of the gold I obtained from each fish, quests, pets, and much more.

★ Profession Required: Fishing
★ Best Serves: Cooking

Disclaimer: ► I’m not using a fishing rod.
► I timed each location for 30 minutes.

By the way: You have a chance of acquiring Reinforced Locked Chest and Big-Mouth Clam.

 .. Eastern Kingdoms .. ✩

Blasted Lands

This is a contested zone.

  • ► Coordinates: 56,85
    • ♦ Darkclaw Lobster – 59

Swamp of Sorrows

This is a contested zone.

  • ► Coordinates: 70,48
    • ♦ Darkclaw Lobster – 45

✩ .. via Cooking .. ✩

Lobster Stew
✩ Skill: 275 ✩ Useable ✩ Learned via Vendor
  • (1) Darkclaw Lobster
  • (1) Refreshing Spring Water


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