Best Fishing Spots for Darkmoon Daggermaw as of 8.0

Best Fishing Spots for Darkmoon Daggermaw as of 8.0

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Darkmoon Daggermaw can be fished up in the waters surrounding Darkmoon Faire.

Before I began fishing more than I used to, I didn’t think much of fishing around the Darkmoon Faire. I figured that place was all about the carnival rides and games and ticket collections.

But something changed. Maybe it was the constant competition I kept seeing of people water-walking or running along the shoreline, or swimming in the water, to be the next to fish out of a pool.

I must’ve figured heck with it and joined in the search.

★ Profession Required: Fishing
★ Best Serves: Cooking

  • ► don’t use a fishing rod.
  • I timed each location for 10 minutes.
  • ► You have a chance of getting Sea Pony.
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✩ .. Darkmoon Faire .. ✩

  • Coordinates: 31,25
    • ♦ Darkmoon Daggermaw – 36
    • ♦ Bloated Thresher – 4
  • Coordinates: 21,31
    • ♦ Darkmoon Daggermaw – 39
    • ♦ Bloated Thresher – 2

If you have enough Darkmoon Daggermaws, you’ll be able to buy certain things from Galissa Sundew. Below are the items in question:

Lemon Herb Filet
✩ Skill: 50 ✩ Usable ✩ Learned via Vendor
  • (2) Darkmoon Daggermaw
Sugar-Crusted Fish Feast
✩ Skill: 125 ✩ Usable ✩ Learned via Vendor
  • (5) Darkmoon Daggermaw
Fancy Darkmoon Feast
✩ Skill: 245 ✩ Usable ✩ Learned via Vendor
  • (10) Darkmoon Daggermaw