Best Places to Farm Aethril as of 7.0.3

  • Profession Required: Herbalism
  • Best Serves: Alchemy, Inscription

I jumped on my herbalist and timed different zones and different routes in order to get the most amount of herbs. Keep in mind that I am a HORDE DRUID, which allows me a faster time in grabbing herbs, due to instantly popping in and out of flight/aquatic form.

While there are other items you can obtain while farming herbs, I merely state the herbs I’ve collected.

★ This zone was timed for 15 minutes, with Aethril, Rank 2.

Notice: I’d love to hear your own journey to Aethril Rank 3!

Broken Isles


Aethril in Azsuna

Notice: My own custom routes file is available for purchase, for anyone wanting the routes I use to farm!

This is a contested zone.

And the only zone in which you’ll be able to find Aethril. The route I use can be a bit deadly, and you have to go clock-wise when taking it, as there’s a steep cliff to jump down from. If you have an ability to negate fall damage to a certain extent, that’ll help you a ton. Aside from that, the route is fairly straight-forward

Notice: Sometimes a Withered Hungerer will spawn. Kill it to obtain additional herbs!

  • Aethril – 109
  • Yseralline Seed – 59

View our Aethril video!

In this video, I’ve only gotten Aethril, Rank 2.

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