Best Places to Farm Briarthorn as of 7.1

Briarthorn is one of the herbs that used to be a pain to get, if I remember correctly. I always used to farm it in The Barrens, and anyone that knows how The Barrens trade chat can be, knows how distracting it is to get a single thing such as this herb. Plus they were spaced out.

But times change.

Now days, this herb is much easier to obtain, though I only take one route to obtain this herb. If I do gather the herb from any other place, it’s because I’m farming another herb, such as Mageroyal.

I jumped on my herbalist and timed different zones and different routes in order to get the most amount of herbs. Keep in mind that I am a HORDE DRUID, which allows me a faster time in grabbing herbs, due to never popping out of flight/aquatic form.

★ Each zone was timed for 10 minutes.

Eastern Kingdoms

Hillsbrad Foothills

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Unless there’s a lot of people farming this area, (which there might be), and unless you have the worst kind of luck with gathering, there’s a ton of Briarthorn and other herbs to be had in this zone.

  • Briarthorn – 89
  • Mageroyal – 73
  • Swiftthistle – 31
  • Bruiseweed – 13
  • Grave Moss – 2

Uses for Briarthorn

  • An Inscriptionist can mill this herb for the following:
    • Dusky Pigment
    • Verdant Pigment
  • An Alchemist can use this herb for the following:
    • Elixir of Wisdom
    • Healing Potion
    • Lesser Healing Potion
    • Strong Troll’s Blood Elixir
    • Swiftness Potion