Best Places to Farm Foxflower as of 7.0.3

  • Profession Required: Herbalism
  • Best Serves: Alchemy, Inscription

I jumped on my herbalist and timed different zones and different routes in order to get the most amount of herbs. Keep in mind that I am a HORDE DRUID, which allows me a faster time in grabbing herbs, due to instantly popping in and out of flight/aquatic form.

While there are other items you can obtain while farming herbs, I merely state the herbs I’ve collected.

★ This zone was done as one full route.

Broken Isles


Foxflower in Highmountain

Notice: My own custom routes file is available for purchase, for anyone wanting the routes I use to farm!

This is a contested zone.

And the only zone in which you’ll be able to find Foxflower. Instead of having a bunch of miniature routes, I created one full route that encompasses the whole zone. In order to farm my route, you’ll need to make use of the Flight Masters. These herbs may have heavy competition, for sure.

Notice: Sometimes a Frenzied Fox will spawn. Run over the herbs it drops to obtain them!

  • Foxflower – 138
  • Yseralline Seed – 31

View our Foxflower video!

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