Best Fishing Spots for Fire Ammonite as of 8.0

Best Fishing Spots for Fire Ammonite as of 8.0

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Fire Ammonite comes in three different sizes. The small, the normal, and the enormous. There’s nothing too valuable with the Ammonite itself–what you’ll need to do is gut and clean five (5) of each in order to obtain Fire Ammonite Tentacle.

To reiterate:
Gut and clean 5 of each of these types of Ammonites.

★ Profession Required: Fishing

  • ► didn’t use a fishing rod
  • ► Each location was timed for 30 minutes.
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 .. Draenor .. ✩

Frostfire Ridge

Here’s the noted locations on the map.

It makes such a huge difference in the lava spots after you use a Fire Ammonite Bait. If you don’t use one of these baits, which you’re able to constantly get only one in your bags to use, then you’re not going to get the most out of fishing Ammonite, as you’ll see in the two locations I fished.

  • Coordinates: @50,60 – Without the bait
    • Fire Ammonite Bait
    • Small Fire Ammonite – 12
    • Fire Ammonite – 10
  • Coordinates: @41,46 – With the bait
    • Fire Ammonite Bait
    • Small Fire Ammonite – 51
    • Fire Ammonite – 30
    • Enormous Fire Ammonite – 22

The map locations on the link may be slightly different from the noted coordinates, but I got the noted coordinates from my in-game map.

As you can see, you get much more Ammonites with the bait than without them, even if you are fishing in the lava locations. Don’t be afraid to use them. They last for ten minutes, and you’ll always get a new one for your inventory.

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