Where to Catch Frost Worm as of 8.0

Where to Catch Frost Worm as of 8.0

Frost Worm is one of the rare baits you can fish up in Highmountain, Trueshot Lodge, or Thunder Totem.

You’re only able to carry one in your bags at a time. So if you do want multiples of this bait, you’ll be needing to mail the one that you have to another character, place it in your guild bank, or toss it on the Auction House.

There’s really not much use for it, aside from catching more fish. So it’s valuable because it’s (somewhat) rare, and because you can only have one on hand at a time.

★ Profession Required: Fishing
★ Best Serves: Fishing

How to obtain:

Fishing in Highmountain
I don’t believe it matters if you fish in open water or in pools specifically–either way it’s rare to obtain, but it seems like looking for the pools is more difficult.

If it’s as rare as people on WoWHead are saying, I’ve got incredible RNG. The first time I fished up the Frost Worm was in ten minutes. I didn’t even know what the worm was at the time. The second one I obtained was in thirty minutes of fishing.

Both of these times I fished in pools.

Buy off the Auction House
A lot of people say that this is the easiest way to get this bait, and while that may be the case, you’re losing money and someone else is gaining from it. If you’ve got money to spend, then this probably won’t bother you too much. But it all relies on if you like actually fishing or not, and how quickly you want to just level up your fishing.

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Using the Frost Worm

By using the bait on your fishing pole, you’ll be able to catch the rare fish Coldriver Carp, which will give you a boost in leveling your Fishing profession. And that’s a good thing because otherwise…it would take a really, really long time to reach the cap on this profession.

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