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Giveaway FAQ

What's the difference between a Giveaway and a Contest?

You’ve probably noticed in the dropdown menu how there are two choices of “Goodies.” Contests and giveaways. They are kind of the same, but they happen differently.

Giveaway is for viewers on my Twitch channel.

Contest is for anyone to enter, as long as they follow the rules to the contest.

When do Giveaways happen?

Giveaways are bi-monthly, meaning every other month.

How will I know when a Giveaway is about to happen?

What do I win in a Giveaway?

How do I win a Giveaway?

EXP Points FAQ

What's EXP points?

How do I earn EXP points?

How much EXP are games worth?

What if I don't have enough EXP for the Giveaway?

What are the EXP ranks, out of curiosity?