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Giveaway FAQ

What's the difference between a Giveaway and a Contest?

You’ve probably noticed in the dropdown menu how there are two choices of “Goodies.” Contests and giveaways. They are kind of the same, but they happen differently.

Giveaway is for viewers on my Twitch channel.

Contest is for anyone to enter, as long as they follow the rules to the contest.

When do Giveaways happen?

Giveaways are stated over on my Twitch channel. They are sporadic.

How will I know when a Giveaway is about to happen?

If you follow my Twitch channel, you’ll find out when I go live, but you can always head over there and type in !giveaway in the channel.

What do I win in a Giveaway?

Giveaways are typically game-based. But they’re not always a single game–sometimes they’re subscription-based. Such as game time for World of Warcraft, or a 1-month subscription to Humble Bundle.

Also, sometimes the game is completely your choice, or anonymous.

How do I win a Giveaway?

  1. First, make sure you’re following my Twitch channel. Yes, I’m pretty adamant about this, as all giveaways are focused on Twitch.
  2. Next, each giveaway is different, but they all require you to spend a certain amount of EXP points.
  3. On the day of the giveaway, you’ll need to be in chat and provide the required amount of EXP points to enter the giveaway.

If you’re not sure on EXP points, check the right column on this page for everything about them.

EXP Points FAQ

What's EXP points?

EXP points are part of a fun points system you’ll find on my Twitch channel. You can use them to play games with one another in chat, and use them during giveaways.

In order to see how much EXP you have, you’ll just need to type !exp in chat.

How do I earn EXP points?

Here are the ways you can earn EXP points:

  • Follow my channel.
  • Stay active in my channel (you don’t have to chat, merely lurk).
  • Host me from your channel (not auto-host).
  • Raid me from your channel (if you’ve just finished a stream of your own).
  • Subscribe to my channel (when available).
  • Play the game !heist.
  • !challenge another chat member.
  • Donate via my channel.

How much EXP are games worth?

Every game and every giveaway is different. The bigger the game, the more EXP that it’ll be worth.

What if I don't have enough EXP for the Giveaway?

Well, you’re either going to be…

  1. out of luck for this giveaway, (or)
  2. someone might be kind enough to give you a portion of their own EXP via a transfer of points, (or)
  3. you could try to play some mini games like !challenge or !heist.

What are the EXP ranks, out of curiosity?

You’ll have to figure it all out yourself. 😉