Best Places to Farm Heavy Stone as of 8.0

Best Places to Farm Heavy Stone as of 8.0

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Heavy Stone is another item you’ll be getting from mining Iron Ore. While stone doesn’t normally sell for as much as the ore does, it has its uses and can sell to those working on one of their crafting professions.

★ Profession Required: Mining
★ Best Serves: Blacksmithing, Engineering


  • My miner is a Horde druid for faster in-and-out flight.
  • Each zone was timed for 30 minutes.
  • Heavy Stone comes from Iron Ore nodes, thus the routes section is the same as the Iron Ore post.

Side Note

  • You have a chance of gathering Aquamarine, Citrine, Jade, and Lesser Moonstone.

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Eastern Kingdoms

Eastern Plaguelands

At first I was going to make two routes with this zone, but the nodes weren’t respawning fast enough to make it worthwhile. Which means, on top of Iron Ore, you’ll also be getting a decent amount of Mithril Ore as well, in the upper section.

  • Heavy Stone – 302

Western Plaguelands

I had a lot of competition in this zone, but managed to get a good amount of ore from the run. Be on the lookout for rares you may come across. Also, there is that one alliance bit you’ll be flying over. Just keep your distance up ahead.

  • Heavy Stone – 373



The ore in this area is a bit more sporadic than in other zones listed, which is why I wasn’t able to obtain as much. But if you’re finding too much competition in the other places, this one is a good backup route.

  • Heavy Stone – 324


Nothing much to say on this route. There wasn’t any competition when I was flying around, and it nets you a nice chunk of this ore as well as a variety of other ore you might be looking for now, or in the near future.

  • Heavy Stone – 430

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Heavy Grinding Stone
✩ Skill: 125 ✩ Crafted material ✩ Learned via Profession Trainer
  • (3) Heavy Stone
Heavy Sharpening Stone
✩ Skill: 125 ✩ Usable ✩ Learned via Profession Trainer
  • (1) Heavy Stone
Heavy Weightstone
✩ Skill: 125 ✩ Usable ✩ Learned via Profession Trainer
  • (1) Heavy Stone
  • (1) Wool Cloth
Heavy Blasting Powder
✩ Skill: 125 ✩ Crafted material ✩ Learned via Profession Trainer
  • (1) Heavy Stone

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