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I’m an altoholic.

As such, I’ve gone and made a new toon on a new realm, but what I enjoy most about creating and having a new toon isn’t the dungeons or the quests, but rather the amount of gold I can get from random materials and equipment of the world.

So here’s to the first of this kind of series, which I haven’t found a name for yet, since I literally just thought up of doing it on the spot.

As of this post:

► Level: 14
► Professions: Tailoring (30) / Skinning (1) / Fishing (225)
► Gold: 26g

It’s the start of Darkmoon Faire and so I figured what better way to start rolling in the gold than by doing something as simple as Fishing?

But it seems like things have changed a bit, or there may be a bug around here? I used to fish up a lot of actual fish, but it took me into the 200 skill to start catching a fair amount of regular fish, and I was still getting a lot of greys.

I even bought a fishing rod and a bobber to increase my skill, but to no avail.

I didn’t see anything in any of the patch notes regarding fishing, and I’ve seen other people questioning this as well.

In any case, I got a lot of Sealed Darkmoon Crates from fishing in pools. I opened one, and regretted it, because it filled a lot of slots in my bags with the items within. I should’ve waited for later, but oh well. Managed to find a couple Bloated Threshers, which gave me a nice chunk of gold.

I’ll be opening the crates and throwing everything up on the Auction House that I can to see if I get any good sales. Here’s hoping.

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