In-Depth Inscription Guide for World of Warcraft

In-Depth Inscription Guide for World of Warcraft

This page is one big massive work in progress.

Here comes the Inscription project, where I bring you all the supplies that are needed to craft items, as well as all the items that you could be crafting.

This'll be a doozy.

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Where do I get Inscription?

Before you get started with this profession, you’ll be needing the profession. So here’s a list of the different trainers you can find throughout the world. The links will take you to WoWHead pages.

Continent: Draenor

Continent: Eastern Kingdoms

Continent: Kalimdor

Continent: Northrend

Continent: Outland

Continent: Pandaria

Continent: The Broken Isles

Continent: Other

What other professions should I get?

You can get any profession you want, but the one that goes best with this profession is Herbalism.

Should I be a specific class?

You don’t need to be any specific class for this, unless you’d like to make yourself a glyph for a specific class.

How do I gather pigments?

Got your Inscription profession? Great! Now you’ll just need herbs to mill in order to gain pigments. A faster way of doing this is to both have the Herbalism profession, as well as the addon TradeSkillMaster.

Any addons I should get?

highly recommend TradeSkillMaster in order to faster mill the herbs into pigments.

Inscription Aids

These will come in handy with your profession, but they aren’t all specifically needed.

Inscription Essentials

The books are going to help you out with Inscription. The techniques are extremely beneficial to Legion inscription–the higher-ranked the technique, the better benefits.

Inscription Crafts

Oh trust me when I say this section has a long way to go.

Blackfallow Ink

Celestial Ink

Darkflame Ink

Dawnstar Ink

Ethereal Ink

Fiery Ink

Hunter’s Ink

Ink of Dreams

Ink of the Sea

Ink of the Sky

Inferno Ink

Jadefire Ink

Lion’s Ink

Midnight Ink

Moonglow Ink

Royal Ink

Shimmering Ink

Snowfall Ink

Starlight Ink

Warbinder’s Ink

Alabaster Pigment

Ashen Pigment

Azure Pigment

Burning Embers

Burnt Pigment

Cerulean Pigment

Dusky Pigment

Ebon Pigment

Emerald Pigment

Gem Chip

Golden Pigment

Icy Pigment

Indigo Pigment

Misty Pigment

Nether Pigment

Roseate Pigment

Ruby Pigment

Sallow Pigment

Sapphire Pigment

Shadow Pigment

Silvery Pigment

Verdant Pigment

Violet Pigment

Yseralline Seed

Book of Stars

Book of Survival

Fire Eater’s Guide

Manual of Clouds

Mystic Tome

Royal Guide of Escape Routes

Stormbound Tome

Tome of Kings

Tome of the Dawn