✩ Best Fishing Spots for Iron Bound Trunk as of 7.2 ✩

Iron Bound Trunk is a chest that you can fish up from Waterlogged Wreckages, but also some other schools that cater more toward specific fish. You can’t sell the trunks specifically, but you can sell the contents inside them.

★ Profession Required: Fishing

✩ .. Disclaimer for Farming .. ✩

When it comes to fishing, you can really go wherever you want, and there’s no time limit I give myself when it comes to fishing in pools.

The links of the zones will show you the routes I took to gather the trunks in the given areas. I did a single lap, start to finish, to accumulate the numbers below.

 .. Eastern Kingdoms .. ✩

✩ .. Kalimdor .. ✩

✩ .. Items Gathered .. ✩

Heavy Leather
Thick Leather
Bolt of Silk Cloth
Bolt of Mageweave
Large Knapsack
Greater Healing Potion
Mana Potion
Design: Golden Hare
Plans: Polished Steel Boots
Schematic: Large Seaforium Charge
Pattern: Green Silk Armor
Pattern: Guardian Leather Bracers
Lesser Moonstone
Forest Pendant
Captain’s Cloak
Regal Cloak
Sentinel Cloak
Tundra Ring
Aurora Boots
Scaled Leather Boots
Glyphed Mitts
Mail Combat Leggings
Nightsky Gloves
Nightsky Sash
Nightsky Trousers
Renegade Gauntlets
Sentinel Gloves
Archer’s Jerkin
Elder’s Mantle
Mail Combat Spaulders
BKP “Sparrow” Smallbore
Archer’s Longbow
Durable Rod
Sequoia Hammer
Hacking Cleaver
Hillborne Axe
Knightly Longsword

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