In-Depth Jewelcrafting Guide for World of Warcraft

In-Depth Jewelcrafting Guide for World of Warcraft

This page is a work in progress.

What you'll find here is a load of information regarding the Jewelcrafting profession. Most of the links will take you to WoWHead pages, but other links (such as the mats) will guide you to my freebie pages on them.

I tried to sort everything the best I could. Hopefully it suits everyone's purpose.

Thank you for your interest in TheWoWExp’s In-Depth Jewelcrafting Guide.

This guide is updated for patch 7.3.


Where do I get Jewelcrafting?

Before you get started with this profession, you’ll be needing the profession. So here’s a list of the different trainers you can find throughout the world. The links will take you to WoWHead pages.

Continent: Eastern Kingdoms

Continent: Kalimdor

Continent: Northrend

Continent: Outland

Continent: Pandaria

Continent: The Broken Isles

Continent: Other

What other professions should I get?

You can get any profession you want, but the one that goes great with it is Mining.

Should I be a specific class?

You don’t need to be any specific class for this, unless you want a class that’s benefited by one of the professions that go with it.

Any addons I should get?

highly recommend TradeSkillMaster in order to faster prospect ore into gems.

Jewelcraft Aids

These will come in handy, but they aren’t all specifically needed.

Jewelcraft Essentials

The books are for Jewelcrafting in specific continents (primarily Draenor).

Jewelcrafting Recipes

In this section, you’ll find all the different recipes throughout each expansion. Included will be the unobtainable (unless found on AH), the regular ones you can find wherever, and then the BoP ones.


Uncut Gems & Where to Gather

As you read this section, you’ll find the links to various gems you can acquire. The links will take you to the freebie pages that tell you about the mats in question.

This section is to keep everything in front of you, so you can find what you’re looking for and the information you need. Such as the best place for an item without an overload of information.


Arcane Crystal

Azerothian Diamond

Black Pearl

Blood of the Mountain

Blue Sapphire


Golden Pearl

Huge Emerald

Iridescent Pearl


Large Opal

Lesser Moonstone


Moss Agate


Small Lustrous Pearl

Star Ruby