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I just bought the new Life is Strange: Before the Storm game on Steam, and I can say that, even though a ton of people have bought, played, and finished it already, I haven’t watched any kind of YouTube videos or Twitch channels regarding the game.

But I’m super hyped to be playing it finally.

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I bought the Deluxe version because I was interested in the bonus episode ‘Farewell’, which allows you to play as Max for one last time.

Now, I wanted to buy this game when I first saw a preview of it, because Chloe always had so much of a personality. Max was just…bland. She was like Katniss in Hunger Games, never showing too much emotion, and while I think Katniss actually showed genuine emotion at the correct parts in her life, Chloe’s emotional moments never seemed genuine.

So I think, and hope, Chloe’s version of everything will be a lot better in this aspect.

If you’ve purchased the game, what were your thoughts before playing it?

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