✩ Lower Blackrock Spires Goldmaking as of 7.2 ✩

✩ Lower Blackrock Spires Goldmaking as of 7.2 ✩

Lower Blackrock Spires is kind of a long instance and has a lot of mobs on the inside. A lot of said mobs can be skinned, but setting that aside, a lot of the mobs can have some good drops. Some of the annoying drops are the pets (from bosses). They’re BoP, and since you can only have three of them, they can take up bag space.

This isn’t a how-to guide.
This is a what-I-got post.

So what’ll you find here?

  • ♦ Different categories, featuring:
    • ♦ Transmog
    • ♦ Patterns/recipes/schematics/etc.
    • ♦ Cloth
    • ♦ Plus more
  • ♦ How many runs I did for the amount acquired in each category.

The section below is reserved for those who have bought the Zone Goldmaking Guide. Further down you’ll see the gold I’ve obtained via different realms.

★ .. Goldmaking via Transmog .. ★

Remember: Transmog can be hit or miss.

In each category there will be a transmog item, the set it belongs to, and then the going price on my realm. To help out with all this, I use the fantastic addon LootAppraiser, created by the awesome WoWProfitz.

This is out of 7 runs.

Back Pieces

Mageflame Cloak
Adventurer’s Cape
Elegant Cloak
Master’s Cloak

Cloth Pieces

Transmog name: Transmog set:
Arcane Gloves N/A
Arcane Leggings Arcane Regalia
Arcane Robe Royal Ascension Regalia
Duskwoven Tunic Arcane Regalia (Recolor)
Elegant Circlet N/A
Elegant Gloves The Postmaster (Recolor)
High Councillor’s Bracers Runecloth Regalia (Recolor)
Mystical Mantle N/A

Leather Pieces

Transmog name: Transmog set:
Mighty Armsplints Stormshroud Armor (Recolor)
Mighty Girdle Stormshroud Armor (Recolor)
Mighty Leggings Stormshroud Armor (Recolor)
Nightshade Boots Serpentskin Garb (Recolor)
Nightshade Girdle Serpentskin Garb (Recolor)
Serpentskin Garb (Recolor)
Traveler’s Boots Stormshroud Armor (Recolor)
Traveler’s Gloves Stormshroud Armor (Recolor)
Traveler’s Leggings Stormshroud Armor (Recolor)
Wanderer’s Armor Wicked Leather Armor (Recolor)
Wanderer’s Hat Scouting Garb (Recolor)
Wanderer’s Leggings Wicked Leather Armor (Recolor)

Mail Pieces

Transmog name: Transmog set:
Engraved Girdle Ornate Mail (Recolor)
Hero’s Belt Radiant Set (Recolor)
Mercurial Gauntlets Mercurial Mail
Ornate Breastplate Ornate Mail
Ornate Girdle Ornate Mail


Duskwoven Branch
Mystical Orb


Obsidian Band
Obsidian Pendant
Quicksilver Ring

Plate Pieces

Transmog name: Transmog set:
Alabaster Plate Leggings Alabaster Plate
Commander’s Vambraces Imbued Plate (Recolor)
Emerald Breastplate Revenant Plate (Recolor)
Emerald Girdle Revenant Plate (Recolor)
Emerald Helm Revenant Plate (Recolor)
Imbued Plate Vambraces Imbued Plate


Alabaster Shield
Heavy Lamellar Shield
Ornate Shield


Sharpshooter Harquebus
Warlord’s Axe
Magus Long Staff
Colossal Great Axe

★ .. Goldmaking via Learnables .. ★

Anything related to patterns, schematics, recipes, and all the like will be in this section.

I didn’t want to place these with the transmog items, even if some of the patterns can be made into transmogs, so they’re going here instead. Aside from that, everything is the same as before.

This is out of 7 runs.


Recipe: Greater Fire Protection Potion


Plans: Thorium Boots
Plans: Thorium Leggings


Formula: Enchant Weapon – Superior Striking


Design: Emerald Owl
Design: Ruby Serpent


Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Belt


★ .. Goldmaking via Reagents .. ★

There are a variety of reagents that I acquired, so I’ll be listing all of them in this section. They range from cloth, to cooking, to gems, to other such things. Keep in mind some of these items may have come from chests.

This is out of 7 runs.


Aquamarine x4
Star Ruby x2
Bolt of Silk Cloth x1
Ironweb Spider Silk x40
Runecloth x1195
Shadow Silk x22
Thick Spider’s Silk x19
Mystery Meat x27
Red Wolf Meat x71
Tender Wolf Meat x73
White Spider Meat x79
Golden Sansam x1
Purple Lotus x4
Solid Stone x2
Huge Venom Sac x1
Powerful Mojo x9

★ .. Goldmaking via Consumables .. ★

Here you’ll find different foods, drinks, and potions.

This is out of 7 runs.


Dried King Bolette x5
Morning Glory Dew x20
Roasted Quail x20
Major Healing Potion x46
Major Mana Potion x34
Superior Mana Potion x4

★ .. Goldmaking via Other .. ★

Anything that doesn’t fit into the categories above will go in this section. So, lockboxes (even though you can’t make gold from them, but what’s inside them–unless you trade), cards, pets, other crafted material.

This is out of 7 runs.


Six of Beasts
Six of Warlords
Thorium Lockbox