Update: Month of May 2018

Update: Month of May 2018

I’m never good at posting updates, but I’m really good at doing things in the background that nobody really ever knows about, unless I post it on my Twitter feed and possibly Facebook page. But since I have some things planned for not only my website but for other places I exist on, I figured it’s best to throw out an update.

What’s new & coming to a website near you?

There are new (and upcoming) links in the header menu, so let’s have a little chat about them.

  • Products
    • So far, I have tiers set up for people to buy if they’d like to support me and what I do. In the future, I’ll have other products as well, but if you want to check out the different tier memberships, feel free to browse them, as only one is available at this time.
  • Gameplay
    • Certain games (I’m looking at you, World of Warcraft) have a lot of posts people might want to instantly browse to, so I’m setting up an easier access to them. You can still find different games for PC or consoles via the upper left navigation menu.

I’m going to be changing things up (a little bit) on my YouTube channel.

As of right now, I have it set up where Patreon supporters can access my longer “let’s play” videos, instead of waiting for the fifteen minute ones to come out. That’s going to be changed. I’ll be deleting all of the longer let’s plays and sticking with the fifteen minute ones for public viewing.

What’s different, is the people who choose Tier Membership 4 will have access to In-Depth Video Walkthroughs of certain games.

So I’ll probably be posting a part one teaser video sometimes for public viewing on my YouTube channel, but after that, only my supporters will be able to view the others in the series.

I try to stream every day on my Twitch channel, but sometimes that becomes a bit much because I need to have time to not only render the gameplay, but to also upload the sections onto YouTube, as well as make different walkthroughs and guides for games.

So I’m going to try to come up with some kind of schedule in the near future.

I’m complete shit when it comes to following schedules.


It will looking something like the following:

  • Sunday Fun Day – I livestream whatever game I want, because I’m a gamer and I’m allowed to.
  • Monday Movie Night – Anyone who’s in my Discord channel can binge-watch movies with me if they want to.
  • Tuesday – No streaming. Rendering videos primarily. Maybe movies on the side.
  • Wednesday – No streaming, rendering and uploading to YouTube.
  • Thursday – No streaming, rendering and uploading to YouTube.
  • Friday – I livestream whatever game I want.
  • Saturday Shenanigans – I livestream whatever game I want.