✩ Best Fishing Spots for Mithril Bound Trunk as of 7.2 ✩

Mithril Bound Trunk is primarily going to be found in Floating Wreckages, though they can also be found in a Stonescale Eel Swarm. You can’t sell the trunks specifically, but you can sell what’s inside of them.

★ Profession Required: Fishing

✩ .. Disclaimer for Farming .. ✩

When it comes to fishing, you can really go wherever you want, and there’s no time limit I give myself when it comes to fishing in pools.

The links of the zones will show you the routes I took to gather the trunks in the given areas. I did a single lap, start to finish, to accumulate the numbers below.

 .. Eastern Kingdoms .. ✩

✩ .. Kalimdor .. ✩

✩ .. Items Gathered .. ✩

Thick Leather
Rugged Leather
Bolt of Mageweave
Bolt of Runecloth
Greater Mana Potion
Superior Healing Potion
Pattern: Big Voodoo Cloak
Pattern: Red Mageweave Pants
Pattern: Turtle Scale Gloves
Gossamer Rod
Serpentskin Cloak
Chromite Gauntlets
Embossed Plate Bracers
Mistscape Boots
Hibernal Pants
Royal Sash
Lord’s Girdle
Jouster’s Chestplate
Huntsman’s Armor
Ember Wand
Headstriker Sword
Greater Maul
Large knapsack
Journeyman’s Backpack

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