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What’s this “Patreon” ordeal?

I play a lot of games and stream them live over on my twitch page. After completing a game, I upload smaller videos (around 15-20 minutes, depending) onto my YouTube channel for everyone to watch. I’ve recently decided to start making not only my reviews of the games I’ve played, but also walkthroughs–both written and in video format.

My Patreon page is a way I can give my thanks to the masses who enjoy what I do.

That is to say, by donating a certain amount to the posts a patron chooses to see, they help me get better equipment or host more giveaways (which may include said equipment) or buy games (that they may request).

What are the pledge amounts?

  • ► 2$
    • ► You’ll be able to view playthroughs of mine before they’re available on YouTube. I typically make longer videos (sometimes 9+ hours) of the gameplay and allow my patrons to watch it, while the public has to wait for the videos to be released one by one. Not only that, but this pledge will also be able to view my blooper videos that won’t be accessible to public on YouTube.
    • ► You’ll also have clearance to my “TWE Exclusive” Discord channel. You can chat with me, request games, get a heads-up on upcoming things, and all that.
  • ► 5$
    • ► This is almost like the 2$ pledge, but it goes for video walkthroughs. Patrons will be able to watch them before the public on YouTube.
    • ► Access to Discord channel included.
  • ► 15$
    • ► You’ll be able to view written walkthroughs on my website before they’re released to public. So before I actually release them, I’ll post a password to the page in question. My patrons can read them before anyone else. These aren’t just walkthroughs, but also different guides (like for World of Warcraft material).
    • ► Access to Discord channel included
  • ► 30$
    • ► When I’m in the midst of writing a game guide on my website, I’ll provide you the link (and password) to the page in question before it’s finished.  Your job is to simply proofread or even give some suggestions to make it better. If you’ve contributed, your name will be mentioned on the guide (as well as your website if you have one). This spot is limited.
    • ► Access to Discord channel included

Are these monthly payments?

No, per creation.


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