✩ Best Fishing Spots for Raw Loch Frenzy as of 7.2 ✩

The time has come.

I’ve got several websites I take care of, and it’s getting harder to pay for all of them, on top of everything else I have to pay for. With that being said, this is not a good-bye to all of you; it’s merely a good-bye to thewowexp.com

It’ll always be my title, no matter what, but it’s time for a merge.

I already own two gaming websites, and there’s no need for that. So thewowexp’s posts will be merging onto my other website, The Gaming Experience (or TGEXP for short). I create game reviews and guides, so it’s still basically the same thing, just not a specific niche, which is what thewowexp was.

I don’t know when everything will migrate. Just know that it will happen soon.

Sorry everyone, but bills have to be paid, and money has to be saved.

Raw Loch Frenzy can only be found in open water within the alliance zone of Loch Modan. As such, there’s really only one lake to fish in, just watch out for the Modan Monster. He can be a challenge for low levels.

★ Profession Required: Fishing
★ Best Serves: Cooking

✩ .. Addons for Fishing .. ✩

Below are the addons that I use for fishing. Note that one day these addons may be abandoned, so everyone will be forced to try another way to gather easier.

Until then, here’s my list!

  • Fishing Buddy tells you what you’ve fished up in specific zones (and subzones, I believe).
  • FarmHud offers an overlay of the map. So instead of seeing a small map on your screen somewhere, everything is on the screen itself.
  • Gathermate2 shows the different locations of fish on the map.
  • Gathermate2_Data is what you’ll need in conjunction with Gathermate2. It gathers the data on where gathered material is found.
  • Routes is above all my favorite addon, because it allows you to create the specific route you want for farming. Or, you can choose to have it create a route for you.

✩ .. Disclaimer for Fishing .. ✩

As far as fishing goes, you technically don’t need a fishing rod of any sort, though they can come in handy.

I also don’t use a specific class, because there’s really no need to be quick about this kind of profession. It’s more of a laid-back and relaxing one. I time how long it’s been until I get 30 of the acquired fish.

  • ♦ I’m not using a fishing rod.
  • ♦ I time myself until I’ve gotten at least 30 of this specific fish.

✩ .. Eastern Kingdoms .. ✩

Loch Modan

  • ♦ Coords: 44,43
  • ♦ Timed: 25 minutes

✩ .. via Cooking .. ✩

Loch Frenzy Delight
✩ Skill: 50 ✩ Crafting Reagent ✩ Learned via Vendor
  • (1) Raw Loch Frenzy

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