Reinforced Junkbox and The Treasures They Hold

Reinforced Junkbox and The Treasures They Hold

Reinforced Junkbox are obtainable via pickpocketing a variety of mobs in the WotLK zones. Basically, anything remotely humanoid that happens to have pockets might happen to have a Reinforced Junkbox. They aren’t exactly worthwhile to go out looking for, but if you enjoy stealing, then why not look through some that you get, right?

Which is kinda what I did.

I went through the WotLK zones and made routes of the best areas to pickpocket enemies to get these lockboxes. I accumulated an entire bank tab of them–98 Reinforced Junkboxes, to be exact–and then opened them all to see what they contained.

I reiterate what I said: they aren’t the best thing to hunt for. But you might find something worthwhile inside.

  • ► You’ll need a rogue to pickpocket.
  • ► All zones aside from Dragonblight.
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This was the only zone I found to be good enough to offer a wide variety of Reinforced Junkboxes. I didn’t make a count on how much I got on an entire route, but decided to keep pickpocketing until I had a bank tab full. It took a while, trust me.


Coarse Snuff Shabby Knot Carved Ivory Bone
Humanoid Skull Rogue’s Diary Empty Poison Vial
Runic Healing Potion Twilight Opal

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