► A Review of Resette’s Prescription

► A Review of Resette’s Prescription

Resette’s Prescription is a 2D point-and-click game, where you guide the main character (and sometimes her companion, Gaede) into the heart of a young boy to wake him from his “sleeping sickness.” There are little puzzles to complete throughout the game, and objects you’re able to grab and combine to help further the story.

► Available on Steam.

My thoughts:
I enjoyed playing this game, but I won’t lie, I did have some trouble. Puzzle games have never been my forte; it takes me a while to figure things out, so it wasn’t like anything was difficult per se. My mind just becomes hyper-focused on one thing and I don’t see the other things available around me.

It took me around 3 hours to compete, so if you’re more witty at problem-solving, it may take you a little less. But there’s a lot of yammering back and forth between Gaede and Rosette.

Gaede’s definitely piqued my interest. Apparently he’s not just a talking cat, but something more? Maybe that’s expanded on in another game. Hopefully.

There’s no voice acting in this game. It’s all text that you have to click to move it along. That’s fine and all, but there was so much of it. And half of the text is just seemingly pointless and could actually be removed from the game to make it a bit quicker.

I realize they were giving a bit more life to the characters. But they were either bickering too much, or they were sighing, or making frustrated sounds, or not saying anything at all. The bubble texts became long-winded.

There was a momentary glitch in the game where it’s a scene of Resette kicking Gaede into a hole. It didn’t really play out, and the game stopped working. If that happens, what you have to do is click the settings button and press “skip” on the bottom right.