Best Places to Farm Saronite Ore as of 8.0

Best Places to Farm Saronite Ore as of 8.0

Saronite Ore is abundant in numerous zones.

But I was always worried about getting ganked in Wintergrasp, because PvP was (and has) never been my thing.

Icecrown had a good collection of ore to gather throughout the zone, but it became increasingly annoying to not be able to get certain nodes, because they’d be sitting in a crevice smack-dab in the center of a mob of zombies.

My gear score has never been that high, because raiding isn’t my thing, so Icecrown got crossed off my list.

Which left me with Sholazar Basin. Loved this zone. Didn’t have too many mobs to deal with while farming, but I did have a ton of competition. And still do. Seems everyone prefers this zone over many of the others, but check out the information below to view all my farming routes!

★ Profession Required: Mining
★ Best Serves:  Mining

  • ► My miner is a Horde druid for faster in-and-out flight.
  • ► Each zone was timed for 30 minutes.
  • ► If your mining skill isn’t high enough, you’ll gather Saronite Ore Nugget.
  • ► The Storm Peaks
  • ► Zul’Drak
  • You have a chance of gathering Crystallized Earth, Crystallized Shadow, and WotLK gems.
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✩ .. Northrend .. ✩

Icecrown (Route 1)

This is a contested zone.

This is the first route you can use in Icecrown. It was a pretty rocky start to this zone. I wasn’t sure if there were others farming the ore, or if it was too spaced, but eventually I obtained a good amount.

  • ♦ Saronite Ore – 177

Icecrown (Route 2)

This is a contested zone.

This route focuses on the right side of the zone and it had more Titanium Ore than the first route. So while it wasn’t amazing on the Saronite side of things, it benefited me in getting a decent amount of both ore. I had to tinker with recreating the route too, because the nodes didn’t seem to want to respawn.

  • ♦ Saronite Ore – 98

Sholazar Basin

This is a contested zone.

There’s probably going to be a ton of competition found in this zone, specifically around this route, because it sticks to the cliffside of the zone, which is easy to follow.

  • ♦ Saronite Ore – 199


This is a contested zone.

There was a problem with this zone before, with the time between battles only being ten minutes, which limits the farming. But I believe that is fixed now, in which case you’ll probably be able to net more Saronite than I had.

  • ♦ Saronite Ore – 253

Saronite Bar
Used by Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Engineering.
  • (2) Saronite Ore

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