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Silverbound Treasure Chest are obtainable in a ton of zones, including lower level ones, if you know where to look.

Depending on the zone you find them in, you’ll either acquire rare items, uncommon items, or even common items–equipment and potions alike. Don’t scratch them off your list just yet; they could be worth something on the AH depending on your realm.

Zones I’ve found this chest in:
⚬ Elwynn Forest ⚬ Hellfire Peninsula ⚬ Terokkar Forest

By the way: Patreon supporters are first to see in-depth guides of specific zones.
► Outlaw Rogues are capable of finding treasure.
I’m only showing the rare equipment and the sales I’ve made on my realm.


Amulet of Unstable Power
Band of Purification
Blade of Unquenched Thirst
Boots of the Pathfinder
Cloak of Entropy
Curve-Bladed Ripper
Dreamwalker Armor
Fist of Reckoning
Gauntlets of Purification
Girdle of Divine Blessing
Guardian Blade
Jaina’s Firestarter
Magiskull Cuffs
Needle Threader
Orb of Mistmantle
Pendant of Cunning
Silver-Linked Footguards
Skeletal Club
Storm Lord’s Girdle
The Gunblade
The Needler

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