Steam Gift Card Giveaway – December 2017 – Ended

Steam Gift Card Giveaway – December 2017 – Ended

Giveaway is over

Thank you to everyone that put in their entries for the screenshot contest! We had a total of 10 entries. 🙂 The person who won is getting a 25$ Steam Gift Card, so congrats to them!

I hope to have more giveaways in the future.

Christmas is coming up and I’d like to thank all my viewers on my Twitch channel, as well as all my friends who are gaming nerds like myself with a Steam card giveaway!

I won’t be naming the price of this card (10$, 25$, or 50$), so aside from who the winner will actually be, it’s the one main secret.

There aren’t a huge amount of rules to go with this giveaway. It’s actually quite simple.

Just do the following…

While I’m constantly going to be promoting this post via my Twitch channel in the title and information section, I’d like to state that anyone can qualify to win. You don’t have to follow me on Twitter. You don’t have to like my page on Facebook. You don’t have to be a local in my Twitch channel.

You just have to like gaming.

Or have a friend that likes gaming so you can give the card to them.

Sharing is caring, assholes.

So how do you enter to win?

Send me a screenshot in one of the games you play. It can be something funny; it can be some kind of beautiful landscape; it can be a kind of glitch; it can be something someone says in chat. But it has to be a full screenshot. No cropped images.

One screenshot per one email. Whoever wins will have the Steam card sent to that email, and it’ll also be announced. I’ll share probably five runner-ups, but aside from exposure, there’s no real prize. Sorry!

You’ll be sending your screenshot to my email.

Title: December Screenshot Giveaway Entry

Leave the topic title as is. If it’s changed, you’re not qualified to win.

December 23rd is the cut-off date.


  • ► Take a screenshot in one of your games–funny, majestic, glitches, etc.
  • ► Send said screenshot to my email.
    • ► Email:
    • ► Title: December Screenshot Giveaway Entry
      • ► Don’t change title.
  • ► One screenshot per email.
  • ► Winner will be notified and given Steam card to their email they used.
  • ► No entries after December 23rd.

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