Best Fishing Spots for Stonescale Eel as of 8.0

Best Fishing Spots for Stonescale Eel as of 8.0

Stonescale Eel are used for making an Alchemy reagent. Certainly not as useful as the fish you may be looking for now, but they still have their place.

★ Profession Required: Fishing
★ Best Serves: Alchemy


  • I’m only fishing in schools.
  • I’m not using a fishing rod.

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Eastern Kingdoms

Blasted Lands

  • Stonescale Eel – 48

Swamp of Sorrows

The route I use is a bit different from this one, because I connect one side to the other through the gap. It didn’t seem to offer me any less eels, however, so I’ll be leaving this route up for your fishing needs.

  • Stonescale Eel – 35



The number of eels I got from this zone went down from the last time I farmed, but it still net me a good chunk. Perhaps there just wasn’t as many pools to fish in the zone as a whole?

  • Stonescale Eel – 47

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Stonescale Oil
✩ Skill: 250 ✩ Crafting Reagent ✩ Learned via Profession Trainers
  • (1) Stonescale Eel

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