Digging for Tol’vir Archaeology Fragments

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Tol’vir Archaeology is a difficult one to get around to collecting everything there is to go with it. This is due to it being a rarity found only within Uldum.

Once you hit 450, they’ll start popping up on the map–but you’ll need to do quite a bit of grinding for archaeology locations in other zones in order to be given the chance at it.

This guide gives you information on the vanity items/equipment you can acquire from Tol’vir archaeology.

It’s a daunting task.

I hope you’re up to the challenge.

The zones you can find Tol’vir archaeology fragments:

How do I go about farming Tol’vir Archaeology fragments?

I’ll be stating the same information below in every Archaeology farming post, so if you’d like to read it, here you go. Otherwise, continue on!

  1. ► The usual way, which is to not go about using any addons. You simply travel from one area to another until the artifact is nearby.
    1. Downfall: You’ll be constantly looking at your map to make sure you’re going the right direction for the dig site.
    2. Upside: You won’t have to worry about any addons going out of date on you.
  2. ► Using the addons TomTom, Gathermate2, and Archaeology Helper.
    1. Downfall: You’re relying on three addons to stay up to date.
    2. Upside: TomTom can point you in the direction to the site; Arch Helper will provide a helpful HUD map and color overlay; Gathermate2 shows possible areas that the dig may be.
  3. ► Using the addons Gathermate2 and Archy.
    1. Downfall: You’re relying on two addons to stay up to date. Archy doesn’t have an HUD like Helper does.
    2. Upside: You no longer need TomTom to point you the way, because Archy has an indicator of how close you are to the dig sites; Gathermate2 shows possible areas that the dig may be.

What items can I get from Tol’vir Archaeology?

► Keystone:
Tol’vir Hieroglyphic

  • ♦ This scroll is equivalent to 12 Tol’vir Archaeology fragments.
  • ♦ It’s a random drop you can get when digging for fragments. (Kind of like gems when you’re mining.)
  • ♦ They are not BoP, so you can sell or buy them off the Auction House.
  • ♦ If the artifact you’re working on solving has a keystone slot, you can place one of the scrolls in and boost the number.
    • ♦ You do not have to use scrolls if you don’t want to.
    • ♦ Artifacts can have up to 3 keystone slots.
    • ♦ Not all artifacts will have keystone slots.

► Bind on Account:


► Mount: