Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough ► Prologue

Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough ► Prologue

Thanks for viewing TheWoWExp’s game guide/walkthrough for the Prologue of Vampyr.

This section of the walkthrough is very simplistic since it’s the prologue. Therefore, you’re simply going to be learning some things as you go through the game. As such, there won’t be any information on characters. But there will be a “tips” section. Also, any achievements or vital items you can obtain will be noted in information boxes, so they stand out more effectively.

I started to point out where to get random items, but decided against it, as this is a semi-open world game that you may explore on your own time.

Vampyr Guide & Walkthrough - Prologue


You’ve been bit. The world’s a horrible fifty shades of grey. To escape this hellish Twilight atmosphere, you stagger forward, following the traces of blood spatter, following the sweet sound of a beating heart.

You approach, sinking your fangs into tender flesh, quenching your thirst, and killing your sister to appease your second life.

You’ve made a terrible mistake.

They’re after you now.

These men and their rifles that spit fire and hatred toward you. You run. It’s the only choice you have. You keep running until you hop down into an alleyway and come across a dead body with a machete sticking out of it. The perfect weapon. For now.

This commentary won’t continue; I wanted to try it out and…I think I’ll stick with regular walkthrough talk. xD

You’ve got a weapon now, so be prepared to attack. There’s not much you can do as far as dodging. If you try it too often, you’ll probably just end up getting hurt. However, you can lock onto targets so they’re in your sights.

Head forward until you enter an area with three enemies. Two are in the background, so kill vamp-hater #1 first. This is where you learn about the dodge, but it’s still kind of meaningless.

Go through the door.

Only one path to take, so kill the enemy and head through another door into an abandoned house.

Fire and Sun is a collectible on the first floor of the house.

Check out the photograph on the table for a flashback. Then interact with the dead woman on the floor for a memory regarding a watch.  Go upstairs and head toward the bed for a flashback and a used revolver. Look on the desk by the bed for Bloody Diary.

Interact with the bed and shoot yourself.

You obtain the achievement: From here to eternity.

You’re not dead. Dead, dead, that is.

In your skill tree, you’ll be acquiring Autophagy. After that, you can choose one Aggressive Skill: Claws, Bloodspear, or Shadow Mist. It doesn’t matter what you choose in the skills tab, as it all depends on the playstyle you’re looking for. Personally, I typically choose Claws.

Congrats on getting through the Prologue.

  • Dodge isn’t all that helpful at this point in time, but you can still probably avoid most gunshots with it.
  • Don’t forget to lock on your targets. It makes combat a good bit easier.
  • Autophagy is a good skill to continuously level up, due to it being able to heal you at the cost of blood.
  • As for skills:
    • Claws is for close combat, so if you like to get close into the action, this might be for you.
    • Bloodspear isn’t something I’ve tried. You throw the spear through enemies, so it may suit ranged players.
    • Shadow Mist can be either close range or distant combat, but note that the enemies can move out of the mist, before it’s leveled properly.

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