Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough ► Ch. 1, Part 1 ► Eternal Thirst

Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough ► Ch. 1, Part 1 ► Eternal Thirst

Thanks for viewing TheWoWExp’s game guide/walkthrough for chapter one, part one of Vampyr.

There are several little side areas you can check for odds and ends, so don’t forget to explore if that’s what you want to do. Even so, it’s a pretty straight-forward path, especially since your objective is to follow a blood trail.

There are residents you’ll be meeting, and I did start to do some information bits on the locals, however I decided to nix them, because we’re not at the main part where you can actually learn more hints on everyone. (Aside from the lady at the tavern, but that’s beside the point.)

Vampyr Walkthrough - Ch. 1, Part 1

Eternal Thirst

Go downstairs, then through the door on the side of the house. Teleport upwards and into another section of the house. Downstairs there’s a body with a stake. Take it and you’ll acquire info on off-hand weapons.

If you want to keep using the Revolver, just go into your character sheet and equip it in the empty slot on the off-hand section.

Go outside.

Head right and learn about stunning the enemy that’s just up ahead. You’ll also learn about biting and using your skills.

There are four enemies at the bottom you’ll need to get through. Continue forward into the building that leads to Southwark Bridge. As you head through the building, you’ll begin to lament on the tragedy of your sister.

The rats you’ll find here and later will prove useful in gaining blood if you’re low.

Also, there’s an achievement (Pest control) for eating ten rats.

Keep heading for the next section of the building. Follow the path until you enter a doorway. All the way downstairs, go outside for an eventual cutscene.

The game will tell you about using vampire senses to follow blood trails.

Follow the blood, and you’ll come across multiple “?” where you’ll talk to yourself about the blood splatters. The game will tell you about hideouts. At this point, if you move to the next blood spatter and look up to your left, you can teleport up there and enter your first hideaway.

Since there’s not much for you to do in here, follow the bloody footprints into the bar.

At the blood spot before the tavern, there’s a letter in the trash can to the right.

You can skip any dialogue and head upstairs for a cutscene.

During the conversation, choose “Help me then!”

Go downstairs and interrogate the people in the tavern.

  • Speak to the woman ⇢ “I want the truth” ⇢ “Tell me about him.”
  • Speak with the barkeep ⇢ “I think you’re hiding something.”
    • “Tell me about William.” ⇢ “I need to find him.”

Leave the tavern and go right toward the docks. The boat in question is in the far left. With the dead body in it. Examine everything before moving on.

Turn left and teleport to the other side. Follow the blood trail and learn how to sneak attack an enemy in order to take down the hunter. Take note there’s an ammunition crate he was right beside, so go through it and learn some more in-game stuff.

To the right are a couple more enemies to deal with–you’ll learn about enemy weaknesses. Take them out and make a left instead of going straight through the gate. Get rid of these enemies.

Loot the dead body sitting against the pillar for collectible New practices, new tactics.

Head to the upper balcony and in a trunk you can find the weapon, Lupara.

Go out the large opening and just up ahead you’ll get another tip regarding rats and hideouts. You can now teleport to your second hideout area, on the upper balcony.

Once that’s established, head across the bridge to North Dock. Only one way to go, so go that way until you come across a used scythe stuck in the wall. Go through the gate and encounter your first boss fight.

William Bishop

  • This fight is pretty easy, but you can still die if you’re not careful.
    • Learn how to dodge, and dodge his lunging jump moves. You’ll learn later that it sucks when bad guys get the jump on you.
    • I used the scythe as the two-handed weapon in order to parry him when he physically attacks me. This takes some proper timing to do perfectly, in order for the stun to take effect.
    • Bite does a good amount of damage, so use it whenever possible.
    • When you’re getting low on health, use your Autophagy skill to use your own blood and heal your HP.

After you’ve won, you’ll acquire a bludgeon.

Go and talk to the guy sitting on the floor for a cutscene.

Loot the blood sample from William’s corpse, then board the boat.

You earn the achievement At dawn we row.

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