Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough ► Ch. 1, Part 2 ► Take me to a hospital

Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough ► Ch. 1, Part 2 ► Take me to a hospital

Thanks for viewing TheWoWExp’s guide/walkthrough for chapter one, part two of Vampyr.

At this point you can kind of wander around and get to know some of the characters. Familiarize yourself with their names, note what kind of illness they may be suffering from, though you can’t do much about it right now.

I won’t be mentioning any kind of conversational hints that you can gather when choosing the different dialogues. Instead, this post focuses on the bare-bones of what you need to do in order to fully complete chapter one. Thus, it’s a relatively short post.

Take me to a hospital

The steps are blocked, so go around the building toward two fighting men. Approach the wounded man for a small cutscene. It’s here that you’ll learn about blood quality and mesmerizing–two pretty important aspects of the game.

Once you follow the shadows and take him to a darkened area, you have the choice of embracing or releasing–the game explains this as blood temptation.

If you kill Clay, you won’t be getting as much XP as you could, and you’ll opt out of optional side quests in the future.

Upon “release” you earn the achievement: Merciful release.

Upon “embrace” you earn the achievement: Just take a bite.

Continue the direction you were going and up the steps, and this is where you’ll come across the hospital, and a variety of things you can find and learn.

In the first open doorway before your room, you can find a hacksaw on one table and T. Elwood’s medical file on another.

On the second floor, you’ll find your room is at the far end of a hallway. Enter it for your third hideout.

Go to your desk and analyze blood sample of William Bishop. 

You could go ahead and do some of the side missions available, but the game prompts you to go to sleep. It’s worth it to do so, as you can use your XP to level some of your skills up for future battles.

I won’t recommend any skills, as it’s all up to your playstyle. Just know you can always reset later on.

That’s it for Chapter One.

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