Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough ► Ch. 2, Part 1 ► Night Shift

Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough ► Ch. 2, Part 1 ► Night Shift

Thanks for viewing TheWoWExp’s guide/walkthrough for chapter two, part one of Vampyr.

VampyrAt first, I wrote a lot of hints you could get from speaking with everyone in Pembroke. However, I stuck with showing only where you can acquire the hints via the route, instead of wandering around looking for people.

The other information will be in another guide.

As a result, I cut down on a lot of blathering in this section.

Also, I came across a bug that sort of broke the game. I later became aware of how the problem came to be, so if you’re struggling, check it out.

Game-breaking bug?

The morgue.

After you complete everything and try to leave, it’ll bring you back into the bottom section in the morgue where your boss fight with John Doe had been. This repeats, and there wasn’t any way for me to get out, even though I did try to complete the tasks in order.

I think what happened with me is I backed up my save at a specific area, so I couldn’t leave the area I’d saved it in. So be careful with the backing up saves. I deleted both the saves and the game progressed normally.

Night Shift

Open the door and speak with Dorothy Crane. The answer you choose shouldn’t matter. Once the conversation is complete, you get a morgue key.

Rakesh Chadana hint
Go down the steps and to the right. Stand behind the desk and in front of the window with your vampire senses activated. Once the guy has an erratic heartbeat, you’ll be able to watch a scene as soon as the pool of red appears at your feet.

Pippa Hawkins hint
Search the unlocked locker against the wall and read Long letter.

Rakesh Chadana hint
Go to Rakesh’s little area and speak with him

“Your life in London?” ⇢ “Not afraid of the dead?” ⇢ “Most people fear dead flesh.”

Milton Hooks hint
Go to the far right in the area of Rakesh, where there are bodies lined up inside a fenced shed. Search the body for Crumpled letter and read it.

Exit the gated area and turn right onto the street. Continue going straight (not left) until you come across an open gated area to the right. Run up to the split in the street.

Dr. Corcoran Tippets hint
To the right and up, there’s a ledge you can teleport to (be careful of the skal below). Use your vampire senses and wait for Corcoran to enter the room and spy on him. (It may take a while.)

Edit:think you have to trigger him coming up by going out the front entrance of the hospital? I stood there a while and he never showed up, but when I walked near him, I watched him go upstairs.

Jump down and kill the skal, if you haven’t already. Continue along the path and get rid of a skal, then two more further ahead.

New investigation: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Milton Hooks’s wallet can be found where the skals were originally huddled. Check out the photograph to get the investigation.

Run straight ahead, past the park benches, through a broken wall, and the morgue will be on the left, before the open gateway.

Once inside the morgue, there’s really nothing of use on this floor, so you’re going to head upstairs.

There’s a skal you can sneak up on and kill. Once it’s dead, loot the Quinine on the table. Go into the room across for the Morgue key, which you’ll be needing for the basement section.

Upon leaving the room another skal will show up. Kill it and in the room to the left of the steps is your next quest item: Ferrous Tartarate.

Time for the basement section, where three skals await you in different areas. There are two in the room to the side and one in the open area. Go down the long hall to kill a skal, then enter the large double doors to the right where a dead patient is on an examining table.

Look on the desk for a Liston knife.

New investigation: The Harder They Fall
Read the note on the stool.

Dr. Corcoran Tippets hint
Examine the body ⇢ Opened chest ⇢ Corner of the lips ⇢ Operated lungs ⇢ Chest hemorraghing

Enter the door at the end of the hall for a boss fight.

John Doe

  • This boss is a bit more complex than William Bishop, but it should still be a fairly easy fight.
  • He has a teleportation ability and creates a shadow copy of himself.
    • This boss teleports, sometimes away from you, sometimes near and behind.
      • If he’s away, no need to give chase. You can try using a long range skill on him–he has a resistance to guns.
      • If he gets close and behind, dodge away and then attack.
    • By dodging when he teleports, you can basically get away from his shadow, but keep an eye out for it either way. Don’t get boxed in by both.
    • You might try stunning him, then using an ability while he’s down, instead of your normal weapons.

Once defeated, take the quest item from the table.

If you look toward the opposite of the door, there’s a ledge you can teleport up to. Check the dresser for an enigmatic formula. There’s also a crafting table to use. You can analyze a sample if you have it, and possibly upgrade some stuff if you want. Make sure to craft a cure for fatigue.

Head back out, but beware once you hit the main area with the dead body, a skal will be waiting for you on the steps. Defeat it and continue up.

On this floor, there are a couple skal in a side room. Defeat them if you want. The exit is in the room to the left.

Straight forward into the hospital, and enter the patient hallway ahead (not into the other section to the outside). She’s in front of the door in the area to the left, but before that…

Dr. Thoreau Strickland hint
Speak with Strickland.

Your life in London? ⇢ Tell me about yourself? ⇢ Tell me about your experiments?

New investigation: Missing Ingredients
Speak with Strickland.

Your life in London? ⇢ About the Pembroke Hospital? ⇢ Do you need my help?

Harvey Fiddick hint
Speak with Dr. Thoreau Strickland.

Personal questions. ⇢ About your blood transfusion technique? ⇢ Tell me Mr. Fiddick’s story.

Dr. Waverley Ackroyd hint
Speak with Ackroyd.

Your life in London? ⇢ About the Pembroke Hospital?

Harvey Fiddick hint
Read the letter on the desk behind Harvey Fiddick.

Harvey Fiddick hint
Speak with Harvey Fiddick.

Personal questions. ⇢ You seem worried about your family?

Finally, speak with Dorothy Crane.

This section is complete!

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